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About DJ Andries


If you prefer meeting me to discuss music we can arrange to meet a month before the wedding, any time which suits your schedule.

This is the list of songs that I need from you and if you please can supply the YouTube or spotify playlist links on whattsapp of the songs for me from no2 till no6 and again no9 till no17.
The no1,no7,no8,no18 and no19 only the songs and artists name that you wanted to hear on the night.


1. Pre ceremony song list-?
2. Flower girls song-?
3. Brides maids song-?
4. Bride song walking in-?
5. Signing of reg song-?
6. Exit song-?
7. Confetti toss song-?


7. Pre drinks song list-?
8.Background reception song list-?
9. Walking in the hall song-?
10. Cutting of the cake song-?
11. Farther and daughter dance-?
12.Mother and son dance-?
13. Opening of dance floor First dance song, second dance song, third dance song-?
14.Garter toss song-?
15. Bouquet toss song-?
16.Bouquet and Garter dance song-?
17. Games song list-?
18. Party songs list-?
19. Last party song-?

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Dj Andries




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